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Monday, October 04, 2004

Welcome to Aiden Yeh's Research Writing Course

Hello and welcome to Research Writing course.

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I'll be updating and synchronizing the contents of our class website with our blog. I'll also be putting quick links here so it'll be easier to navigate and browse other pages.

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I'll also be adding photos to add that personal touch. You can also do the same on your respective blogs.

Aiden Yeh


  • Last time we practice to list the questions for the topics. I didn't receive the common or suggestions from you. aren't you forgetting to reply for us?
    Topic; surrogate
    Q1.who's the mother of the child born to a surrogate?
    Q2.Is the surrogate interfered in family value?
    Q3.surrogate is benefit for recipient?
    Q4.whether the surrogate will be the way to get a lots of money or not?
    Q5. Is it a good thing(surrogate) for helping the couples to have a child?


    By Blogger yu-chun, at 11:34 PM  

  • topic: betelnut beauty
    Q1.what differences between betelnut beauty and beauty on playboy' magazines?
    Q2.what kind of influences the betelnut beauty on our culture?
    Q3.because of the demand of betelnut what influences on environment by planting betelnut trees?
    Q4. How effects on betelnut stand make the street looks like?
    Q5.How can we do on decreasing the demand of betelnut?

    By Blogger yu-chun, at 11:35 PM  

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