Research Writing SY2006

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

9/28 Identifying Library sources

Week 3
Identifying library sources, Unit 3 and Unit 6 (Assembling a working bibliography)
Lecture/Class activity
Analyzing card catalogue

Assignment for next week:

Making source cards with notes.
Sources must be based on your chosen topic

1] Use the format below when you prepare your source cards or bibliography cards. You could either use index cards or type your work on an A4 bond paper. I won't accept handwritten work.

Your Name

Student Number

Research Topic

Tentative Title

Name of author (s)
Title of work
Facts of Publications (Annotation stating why source may be useful)
Page(s) of information

[2] same as in [1]

For example:

[1] Pares, Bernard

The Fall of the Russian Monarchy
New York: Knopf, 1939

Chapter 5 deals with Rasputin's rise in Rusiian politics and the miniter's reactions to him. Chapter 13 is a description of Rasputin's murder by Yusupov and conspirators.


How many sources should you prepare? Minimum of 10 books/articles.

Can I use sources from the Internet? At this stage, NO. The point in this activity is for you to visit the library and see the resources that you could find and use for your research paper.

Internet resources will be discussed and covered in Week 6.


Those who still have not created your blogs, I am giving you until next week to do so. Those who have already created your blogs, please update every now and then. I will be checking them regularly.

Since we do not have quizzes, I will be using your blogs and our yahoogroup (plus class attendance, of course) for student evaluation purposes.



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