Research Writing SY2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Formulating research question(s)

Once you have focused your topic so that it has an appropriate scope for your assignment, time frame, and length requirements, you need to formulate a research question(s). To do so, determine the most important questions that you want to ask and answer.

Consider for example these possible research questions developed from the broad subject area of bilingual education:

* Should bilingual education be extended to monolingual children?
* What teaching methods work best in bilingual classrooms?
* For what reasons do people send (or not send) their children to bilingual schools?
* Are children who are placed in bilingual programs more successful in later grades than those in English-only programs?

A research question will give you a sense of direction. Frequently as you do your research and take notes, you will have in mind a tentative response to your question.


Look at your topic, can you think of questions that you would like to answer in your research?

Post your research questions on your blog.



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