Research Writing SY2006

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Using the Internet

Unit 5, Using the Internet, Searaching Beyond the Library

Choose at least 5 online articles found in academic online journals, online newspapers, online magazines, articles from government sources, etc. and create your bibliographic notes.

Use the following format when submitting your assignment:

Student Name:
Course: Research Writing
Assignment: Online Resources Bibliographic Notes

[1] Name of author (s)
Title of work
Details of Publications (Date, Name of Journal, Vol., or Pages)
What is the article about?(stating why source may be useful)

For example:

Allison Rossett, Felicia Douglis, and Rebecca V. Frazee
Strategies for Building Blended Learning
2003, Learning Circuits

This article talks about Blended learning as a strategy for delivering learning and performance. It also defines what Blended Learning in corporate contexts and enumerates the elements included in a blend.



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