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Friday, October 08, 2004

Searching for a good research topic

I am sending you a message that my colleague, Prof. Dafne Gonzalez [Venezuela] sent to her MA research students. Perhaps this could help you too. You can post your comments on your blogs.


Dafne wrote

I am copying a message from an e-list, where a professor from the Open University (UK) gives advice about what topic should a person choose for research, and I thought it might be of your interest:

A couple of points that I tell our students here that might be helpful:
1) consider what you have availaable in terms of time and resources; you don't want to try to do something that isn't possible however good an idea' it is;

2) think about your own experiences and working
conditions, are there any issues, problems, opportunites, you could explore there? - projects that grow out of an area you already have 'foundations' in are often easier to write than ones where you are approaching something 100% new.

Good luck
Paul Knight
The Open Universit, UK

What do you think?


Aiden Yeh
PhD Candidate, University of Birmingham

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