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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tutorial on how to transcribe your interviews

Qualitative Data Analysis. This is a good read specially for those who need to transcribe their interviews. This article is academically written, you could also learn some new transition words. Posted by Picasa

Here's the link.

Why we analyse data?

Why we analyse data? Find out here, if you're not sure.  Posted by Picasa

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This is a good read.

Analyse qualitative data

Analyse qualitative data. Great tutorial (in Flash) Posted by Picasa

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Analyse quantitative data tutorial

Analyse quantitative data Posted by Picasa

This is a great tutorial. Read it and see how you can make use of this tip. This is great for those doing surveys.

Here's the link.

More on Data analysis

What Makes for a Good Data Analysis Chart? What Makes for a Good Graph? Calculations and Summarizing Data Posted by Picasa


The way you analyze your data depends on what you want to include that will help you support your argument. If the results of your findings are contrary to what you were expecting, then you need to report them, too.

Analyzing Your Data

After you have collected the completed surveys, it is time to analyze the data. Data can be analyzed by entering it into an Excel sheet and computing your numbers or by using a statistical software program. Getting volunteers on board is a great way to save your organization time and resources during this stage.

Note: If someone has not responded to a question it is often assumed they would answer as others have. However this is not always the case and assumptions cannot be made from a non-respondent. Only consider information that has been actually answered.

Analyze data and graphs Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Masters Dissertations Archive

ALRG Masters Dissertations Archive Posted by Picasa